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Apr 24, 2009 at 06:15 PM

Excerpt only. The full bylaw may be read at the Town Office during regular business hours.

Bylaw 1-09

3.The council of the municipality may declare a vehicle to be an abandoned vehicle if:

a) the vehicle has been left or placed on a street, public place or land or building owned or controlled by the municipaliity for 14 days or more; and

b) after reasonable inquiry, the owner of the vehicle cannot be ascertained.

4. The council shall undertake reasonable efforts to determine if a security interest is registered agaist the vehicle.

5. The council shall provide notice to the holder of a security interest by registered mail of the fact that the vehicle is abandoned and:

a) after the expiration of 30 days , the municipality intends to sell the abandoned vehicle; or

b) after the expiration of 15 days , the municipality intends to destroy or otherwise dispose of the abandoned vehicle.

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